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Directly translated from Xhosa means place, but more than place a personal welcome to our unique service, this is just a few of the values we offer/deliver to our clients.

Our task is coordinating and dealing directly with owner-operated printing companies who are personally involved and dedicated to superior service and consumer satisfaction with the all important quality and on time delivery. We see our role as champions of the print supply chain constantly working with the end user and carefully matching and translating their printing needs from layman’s language to printing terminology.

What We Do

It’s simple, the level of expertise you will experience is second to none, whether you are interested in a complete assessment of you annual printing needs which will result in us negotiating a annual buying contract at above average cost reductions or source and coordinate single projects such as your Annual Financial Report to the printing of point of sale material, flyers, brochures, magazines to business cards and letterheads.

By using our expertise, not only will we manage your printing requirements, our service will also cover the day to day communication with our preferred printers, giving you the hassle free service that brings you a superior advertising or informational tool.

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“It wasn’t raining when Noah started building the Ark”

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